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    Sanctioned & Affiliated by United States Youth Futsal

     Sanctioned & Affiliated by United States Adult Futsal

     Sanctioned & Affiliated by U.S. Soccer Federation



Madison Futsal League offers only FIFA’s official form of indoor soccer.  We will always strive to achieve the highest league quality, highest training quality, highest officiating quality and best experience for all participants. 

We bring the authentic way of Futsal and Evidence Based approach trainings.  Great game, great quality great experience live here.

Why Madison Futsal League


                          1.  Fully insured league

                     2.  Player insurance

                     3.  Full affiliation with USYF & USSF

                     4.  High quality league

                     5.  Futsal is what we love and teach



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Messi, Ronaldo, Pele,and More


"Futsal is the only official indoor game sanctioned by FIFA"

Played: Europe, South America, Asia, Australia, Africa and now America

"Futsal is really my love, the thing that I enjoyed most!" - Ronaldo - Individual Skills Click Here

"This is my ground" Iniesta - Barcelona - Click Here

"True Skills" - Brazil Team Development




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